About Shred-Machine

Shred-Machine is a revolutionary 18 week guitar program that teaches superior chops on guitar.  However, it is much more than learning to play blazingly fast.  Along the way, you will learn all of the notes on the fretboard in over 6 major keys, master the 7 diatonic scale patterns and 5 pentatonic scale patterns in those same keys, learn the most efficient way to pick for pure speed, learn over half a dozen standard arpeggio shapes and a number of killer licks to add to your shredding arsenal.

In addition to the music files which you will play along with, each week you will receive video support and learning materials specific to that lesson.  If you have questions during the program, use our essential website forum to get answers and tips from our teachers and other fellow students.  Follow us on twitter, facebook and instagram to get the latest information going on in the world of shred.  

Here at Shred-Machine we never rest.  More innovative programs are already in development all geared to help you learn guitar in the fastest, most fun way possible so that you can achieve all of your musical goals.  Stay tuned.

How it Works

Incorporating guitar practice methods and speed learning techniques from many sources, Shred-Machine offers one of the fastest ways to improve speed and technique on guitar while simultaneously educating the guitarist in valuable fretboard knowledge, including learning nearly 20 scale and arpeggio patterns in any given key. The program comes to you over the course of 18 weeks, each with a corresponding video lesson, group of scale shapes, group of original play-along tracks at differing tempos, and instructions on how to practice everything you learn for that week. 

Combine this wonderful new teaching method of how to shred on guitar with our desire to help out guitarists worldwide and you have the beginnings of a phenomenon!  Let Shred-Machine help you get you to where you want to be on guitar! 

How to Begin

The first week's content is absolutely for FREE. This way you get to experience the first week of the 18 week Shred-Machine program with no strings attached, so you can decide if you're 100% on board before the program gets underway. Every week after, the next week of Shred-Machine is available to you at the affordable price of $5 per week.
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The Story of Shred-Machine

Shred-Machine started in 2014 as a concept with the simple goal of helping guitarists play as fast as they dream of playing on guitar. Not too long after its inception, Shred-Machine began to come together as an easily accessible and affordable program not only to help guitarists improve their technical proficiency, but also do so much more. Shred-Machine is a program that will provide like-minded guitarists the tools they need to improve their skills and grow their own unique playing style, while simultaneously providing guitar lessons at an affordable price (or even at times NO price) for guitarists anywhere in the world.

With this huge goal in mind, the Shred-Machine team was assembled, headed by guitarist Rob Compagna, the owner and chief instructor of the Rob Compagna Guitar School, with over 33 years of experience shredding on guitar, and assisted by Matthew Hamer, a multi-instrumentalist with years of experience teaching and a passion for audio/video production. In 2015, the team kicked into high gear to deliver the best possible program and series of online guitar lessons to guitarists everywhere, with the overarching goal of keeping music alive and helping guitarists achieve what they dream of on guitar.

The Future

The Shred-Machine team is dedicated to providing content for guitarists everywhere, and the debut Shred-Machine program is only the beginning. More programs with different learning focuses are down the line, as well as free video content on youtube and more! Stay tuned and keep shredding!