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Want to share what's going on with you on guitar? Have questions about our programs?  Want to talk about the latest gear?  Take advantage of our excellent forum as it is dedicated to all things guitar! 
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Guitar Motivation and Pick-me-ups!

Want to share you struggles on guitar with someone like you? Every guitarist, even the most famous ones, have their own doubts. It's only human! Share yours here!

101/12/2017 by Rob

General Discussion

You can talk about anything here.


Questions About Shred Machine

The best place to get answers from us at Shred Machine about what we know best: Shred Machine. If you have any questions or need information that you haven't been able to find elsewhere, ask here! If someone in the community can't answer, we certainly can!

311/21/2016 by Rob

Week by Week Discussion

For questions or information regarding how to complete each week of Shred Machine. How is Shred Machine going for you? Discuss how you're practicing each week and share advice!

305/21/2016 by Rob

The World of Shred Forum

Discussions about masters of shredding. Discover unknowns, talk about your favorites; learn by watching the greats!


Techniques of Shred

Share your secrets of shredding, your preferred method of playing, 6 strings? 7 strings? 8 strings? 9 strings? Why 9 strings? Honestly why. Share your thoughts and offer your wisdom and knowledge to those who seek it!


Music From the Community!

Shredding on some original tracks of your own? Lets hear them! Share your music, hear others' from the Shred Machine community, help each other out with feedback and comments, and keep shredding!

105/21/2016 by Rob


What gear do you use? What gear do you wish you use? What gear do you wish you didn't use? Share your experiences and talk about what you love here!


Scales and Applicable Theory

Show off your music theory nerdiness here! Share your favorite scale to use, pass along your scale theory knowledge, educate, or become educated!

104/01/2015 by Rob